A personalised recording made for an ex smoker
The first night I lay in bed and listened to the recording, to which I feel asleep at the end without any problems. However I woke at 3.30am I sat up straight in bed and said out loud “I do not smoke”. I got out of bed, went to the toilet, then got back into bed and went back to sleep. Without even thinking about having a cigarette or using the computer.
The second night I woke 4 times throughout the night at 2 hrs. intervals but still didn’t contemplate having a cigarette!
The third night I woke once without any distress and just went to the toilet and went back to bed.
I listened to the recording each night in my own bed and woke in the morning saying “I am a none smoker”.
I told all my friends and family about the recording and all the above.
Thank you so much Bron for your help.
I am truly a none smoker!
Andrea (UK)

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