Hypnosis has been around for many years, in fact traced back to ancient Egypt, but it gained popularity in the mid 1900’s.  Hypnosis, is recognised as a valid and complementary therapy to existing medical treatments.  It is able to be used to relieve chronic pain, depression, phobias, addictions and many other conditions.  Hypnosis is an extremely relaxed state of mind.

Hypnosis is a natural state we enter that makes accepting new suggestions easier by bypassing the ‘critical factor” in our conscious thinking mind and enters our subconscious mind which tends to control our automatic behaviours (our habits). We enter hypnosis many times a day.  For example have you ever been reading a book or watching a movie and someone has yelled at you, making you jump?  You feel confused and startled and they have been exasperated as you weren’t responding to them until they yelled at you.  You have been in a form of hypnosis.  This light state is called Alpha.

Another example of Alpha is driving a car, you have left from work and pulled into your driveway wondering how you got there.  Have you ever lost your keys, searched everywhere not able to find them ‘thinking I have lost my keys’ the whole time.  Finally in frustration you ask ‘where are my keys?’ only for them to be pointed out to be right in front of you. These examples are all forms of Alpha hypnosis.

You don’t need to go into a deep sleep or trance, known as Delta, and so you may remain fully aware of what is going on.  You may be able to answer questions and respond but you are still relaxed.  Or you may feel you have gone sleep.  Even if you are asleep you can still hear things and understand them, just like a smoke alarm going off, or a baby waking it’s mother with its cry.  You may have just gone into a deeper level of hypnosis called Theta where you are aware but it is too much effort to do anything.  So you don’t need to worry.  You may move between all the stages of hypnosis so only remember parts of your session.  But even if you don’t go to sleep and you remain aware of everything that is going on, you don’t need to worry hypnosis is still able to work.  Even in the lightest state of hypnosis, you are 200 times more suggestible then in the full waking state of Beta.

Hypnosis is safe, and you can’t get ‘stuck’ in hypnosis, movies show hypnosis in movies that are designed to sell tickets and not necessarily tell the truth about anything.  At the very worst you will go to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.  It is a recognised practice throughout the world.  And contrary to popular belief being intelligent helps you to be hypnotised.  Hypnotherapy is a useful tool for immediately being able to produce results.  The use of discussion with the client while awake allows us to provide outcomes using hypnosis to target the area required.

Some people feel a little worried about  losing control, hypnosis does not mean I have total control over what you do.  Your own moral and ethical codes prevent this.  I can not turn you into an axe murderer, against your will.  You have come to see me today to overcome a problem and this is something you really want, so we have a great basis for a successful hypnotherapy session.  Hypnosis requires your consent and you will maintain control of what is happening the entire time, and  you will be safe and secure.  We are going to use hypnosis to get what you want out of your life.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis, I, the hypnotist am just here to guide you to do what you want to do.


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